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Welcome to my dream-business turned reality!  My name is Jake Lage, and I was born and raised right here in Detroit Lakes, MN.  I consider myself very fortunate and proud to have grown up a farm kid, learning at a very young age about hard work and working hard.  The work ethic instilled in me has been invaluable, & something that’s sadly become lost on much of my generation.  Having always been an automotive enthusiast, I was very interested in detailing, and it became my first job as a way to pay for school.  What started as a job unintentionally turned into a career..  And after over a decade of that unintended career, detailing turned into a passion and an unrelenting obsession!  After 10 years of running the detailing department for a used car dealership in Perham, we mutually split ways so they could head further in their direction of volume, speed and quantity, and I could pursue the high-quality, high-end, elite-level detailing & polishing business that I started almost 5 years ago now!  I wanted to bring something new to the area that had never been seen before.  I wanted to show people what can truly be achieved with their vehicles, given the proper time, knowledge, skill, and energy.  I’m so grateful for taking the risk of starting my own business, pursuing my obsessive passion, and I’m so grateful to be doing what I love! 


     Why did I choose the name "SHINING ARMOUR"?  Because it’s so much more than making your vehicle blissfully shine -  it’s about shielding & protecting that shine, and keeping it that way for as long as possible!  This company was created based on an obsessive passion for automotive perfection, maintenance and protecting your investments.  Make no mistake, this isn’t what you’ll find at your local dealership. This is next-level craftsmanship where your vehicle is restored and cared for well beyond the capabilities and care of your average “detail shop”.  Read on!
    The biggest reason I wanted to start this company is because in today’s auto detailing industry, most detail shop’s end goal is to clean your vehicle as quickly as possible with the cheapest products available in order to maximize profits.  This can result in cutting corners and steps necessary for properly maintaining your vehicle as well as using products that may have no real benefit to your vehicle's materials.  Furthermore, many detailers today working at dealerships and other “fleet detailing” services aren’t properly educated in their industry and don’t even know what products they’re using, what chemicals are in those products, or WHY they’re using them!  They can even do more damage than good, especially when it comes to paintwork.
     I’ve been detailing vehicles for well over a decade now, but my experience is only a part of my skill set..  My biggest attribute is the passion in what I do, and in how I’ve spent countless nights and weekends over the years - studying, researching and obsessing over techniques, products and the science behind not only how to detail every aspect of a vehicle, but why!  Why to use certain products over others and what they can and can’t do. The necessary steps involved in getting your vehicle as flawless and protected as possible. I wanted to create an honest and educated place where people can trust that things will be done the right way by someone with not only the experience and patience needed, but an overwhelming obsessive passion for automobiles and perfectionism!  My goal is to detail your vehicle with the utmost care, using the safest and most proven methods, with the highest level quality of products that are not only better for your vehicle and will keep it protected, but will prolong the life of your vehicle's condition and help your investment last much longer.

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     Paint Correction (also known as polishing or buffing) is defined as the process of permanently removing and eliminating imperfections (most often scratches) from a vehicle's paint finish.  Through the use of abrasive polishes, the goal is to safely remove a small amount of clear coat, leveling the paint down to a flat, scratch-free surface. When done properly, this restores and rejuvenates depth, clarity and reflectivity levels, often better than a factory new finish.  Click here for a more in-depth explanation and understanding of paint correction.

     When a true detailer reaches a certain point in his or her paint correcting ability, it becomes an art of professional craftsmanship.  Polishing paint into a deep, flawless bliss of stunning clarity requires an abundance of patience, time and skill. And while I truly enjoy detailing a vehicle inside and out, my biggest passion lies in this paintwork correcting process..  This also happens to be the area where your vehicle is neglected the most when being detailed elsewhere. Improper techniques, preparations and use of equipment/materials can even cause more harm than good and are often simply masked by a filler wax that fades away in a few weeks.  What you’ll find here is quite the opposite - a never-ending quest of flawless glistening paintwork with luminous depth and clarity that’s meant to last!

Paint Correction
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     A ceramic coating is the latest technological advancement in paint protection, and far exceeds its predecessors.  Where a traditional wax can last up to a month and a sealant can last up to several months, ceramic coatings can last for years when properly maintained, with unmatched levels of gloss, protection, self-cleaning and durability.  While a wax or sealant acts as a layer of protective film over your paint, a ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with your paint surface. They can be 2-3 times harder than your factory clearcoat, making them more resistant to light scratches and swirls.  Ceramic coatings also provide unmatched protection from UV rays, paint fading, salt, chemicals, bird droppings, bugs and much more! Perhaps the most noticeable advantage is that ceramic coatings are hydrophobic - that is, they are water resistant! The surface becomes incredibly slick and washing and maintaining your vehicle becomes so much easier with a ceramic coating.
     While there are many advantages, there is also a great deal of misinformation out there about ceramic coatings.  They do not prevent scratches entirely, they do not prevent dings and dents, they don’t stop rock chips, and you still need to wash your vehicle regularly.  Another thing to consider is that ceramic coatings do not temporarily fill in minor scratches like a wax or sealant will, which makes the polishing and prep work prior to application all the more crucial.  You’re going to want the paintwork as perfect as possible before applying a ceramic coating, because if not, any imperfections will be locked in underneath for the life of that coating. Preparation is everything when it comes to a ceramic coating.  It is not a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process and many things can go wrong if not installed by a professional. Applying a ceramic coating takes hours, and that doesn’t include the many additional hours of prior prep work involved.. But in the end, the time invested is more than worth the effort, and the results are satisfyingly extraordinary.

What is a Ceramic Coating?
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