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Clear coat is porous, and brake dust, industrial fallout and other contaminants will easily bond to an unprotected paint surface.  This is no ordinary wash, and is the starting point for all my paint correction work.  Chemical iron removal, scratch-free washing, clay bar contaminant removal, topped with higher levels of protection vs anywhere else!

3-4 hours estimated time

$150 - $250

(small - large vehicle)



  • Pre-soak foam bath, chemical iron decontamination/fallout removal, bug removal, wheels and tires deep-cleaned, scratch-free hand wash, followed by a clay bar to remove embedded surface contamination, dried with compressed air and high-quality microfiber, and protected and shielded in a ceramic SiO2-infused sealant for months of protection!

  • This is actually what my original "Level 1" exterior service was when I first opened years ago, and I wanted to bring it back as additional service for those not seeking polishing, but still looking for a meticulous deep cleaning, paint exfoliation and upgraded protection!   Your paint will feel silky smooth and slicker than ever!  A decontamination wash is recommended 1-2 times per year.  Vehicles with light oxidation or heavy contamination would benefit more from a LEVEL 1 polishing.

  • ** Estimated time involved is 3-4 hours **

  • $150-$250 for small-large vehicles


  • Recommended for newer cars or previously well maintained vehicles, or for those simply looking for a moderate polishing, with superior exterior protection applied to all paint, glass and trim, with an increase in gloss, depth & shine.  Also great for those looking to sell or trade-in their vehicle and wanting to get more value for it!

  • EVERY exterior package begins with the most in-depth and advanced wash process your vehicle has ever experienced - my wash process alone can take 2-3 hours.  After a deep cleaning and exfoliation of the paint, the paintwork will receive an all-in-one compound and finishing polishing to remove light (& some moderate) defects, swirls, and fading, and enhance clarity, gloss and shine.  After tires and trim are conditioned with UV protection, the glass and wheels are well-protected in a ceramic SiO2 sealant, while the paint receives a very slick and glossy resin-based polymer sealant that can last up to 12 months!

  • Examples:  ZL1 Camaro  /  C6 Corvette  /  300C SRT8  /  Porsche  /  Wrangler  /  MTK  /  Caddy XT6  /  Grand Cherokee  /  Charger Daytona 

  • ** Estimated time: 5-8 hours **

  • $300 for coupes/convertibles

  • $350 for sedans & compact SUVs

  • $400 for midsize vehicles

  • $450 for trucks and large SUVs


  • *New Option*  This latest paint correction offering has quickly become very popular for those with moderate or worse paint conditions, and bridges the gap between Level 2 results, but in a more budget-friendly and quicker timeframe.

  • The 1-Day Multi Step Correction consists of as much correction work as possible within a one day timeframe, and starts with a quick & heavy compounding with a rotary polisher, followed by refinement polishing, combining to remove and improve as many defects as possible.  The level of skill and work involved is much more significant, but the results have been more than worth it for every customer that’s come in!

  • Examples:  Hellcat SRT  /  Z71 Trail Boss  /  '23 Outback  /  Black SuperDuty  /  Silver Duramax  /  Pewter Duramax  /  black Crosstrek  /  '19 Tiguan  /  Acadia Denali  /

  • ** Estimated time: 8 hours **

  • $500 - $600 

  • pricing varies by vehicle size


  • Where Level 1's primary focus is gloss enhancement, Level 2 gets deeper to remove scratches and swirls.  A great option for daily driver vehicles (or any vehicle) looking to bring that shine back without the need for perfection.  Removes several+ years of neglect and defects!  While results are paint dependent, a minimum of 80%-90% defect removal can be expected.    

  • Consist of a 2-step, cutting compound & finishing polish, that boosts depth & gloss, removes light & moderate defects, while removing or minimizing heavier defects, leaving the remaining ones far less noticeable.  Paint is then stripped of any oils, dust and residue before applying a ceramic primer, followed by a slick and glossy graphene-oxide ceramic resin-based sealant for added durability and protection for up to 12 months!

  • Examples:  Viper SRT-10  /  ShelbyCobraGT500  /  '21 Denali HD  /  Silverado  /  Ram 2500 HD  /  Equinox  /  Red Z28  /  BMW  /  Tahoe  /  Challenger  /  Jag XJ6  /

  • ** Estimated time: 10-16 hours **

  • $600 - $900

  • pricing varies by vehicle size and condition


  • Also known as the "Perfection Level".  Where Level 1 and Level 2 are restricted by a time-table, Level 3 is not restricted by a set time and is paint-condition specific.  Recommended for either severely neglected paint work with excess swirl marks and deeper scratches, or for those seeking a true show-car, flawless finish.  Recommended for vehicles that have been neglected for many years, or are chasing perfection.

  • A multi-stage correction where wet-sanding, compounding & polishing are all completed in separate steps as needed.  Touch-up paint is applied where needed.  Same protection as Level 2, or upgrade to the ultimate ceramic coating  protection!

  • Engine bay detail included at no extra charge

  • Examples:  Thunderbird  /  F-250 Platinum  /  Denali HD  /  Camaro SS  /  XK-R  /  '95 Camaro  /  Black Sierra Doors  /  Prowler Results

  • ** Estimated time: 3+ days

  • Starting at $1,000 for all vehicles

Decon Wash
1-Day Correction

** EVERY exterior service begins and ends with ALL of the following: **

  • Presoak snow-foam bath to carry loose dirt away from the surface

  • Deep scrubbing of wheel face & inner barrel, tires and wheel wells

  • Door jambs degreased, scrubbed, cleaned and rinsed

  • Fallout/iron chemical decontamination performed as well as bug, tar and/or road grime removal as needed with high pressure rinse

  • Proper 2-bucket wash/rinse contact wash with only the highest quality microfiber wash mitts to minimize any chances of swirl marks

  • 2nd decontamination process with clay bar to remove bonded/embedded contaminants as needed - necessary for any polishing later to prevent particles getting into polishing pads

  • Vehicle is thoroughly dried with high quality microfiber towels and compressed air to minimize surface contact

** Polishing steps are completed at this stage, and followed by: **

  • Deep restoring, nourishing & conditioning of all exterior plastics and trim with UV protection to resist fading

  • Chrome/metals polished, wheel wells shined

  • Sealant applied to wheels for added protection and water resistance

  • Tires nourished and conditioned with UV protection - tires will be dry to the touch / I don't use greasy inferior dressings that attract dirt - customer’s choice of deep satin look or high gloss-wet finish shine

  • Glass given a final cleaning for a streak-free crystal clear view, then protected with silica/ceramic sealants​​

*estimated times vary due to the size of the vehicle & its condition upon arrival*

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