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  • Get your bike shining better than ever, with the most meticulous, thorough and intricate detailing available!  Includes everything from degreasing and cleaning of all components, wheels cleaned and polished, leather deep-cleaned, conditioned & UV protected, metal polished, and tank and painted surfaces meticulously polished by machine and hand.  SHINING ARMOUR has mini and micro polishers to reach every area, with 3 inch, 2 inch and even 1 inch attachments and polishing pads.

  • Polishing is included in the price, but more severe paint conditions are subject to additional charges.  Paint and chrome are protected in sealants, but ceramic coatings are highly recommended as it keeps the bike cleaner and makes it sooo much easier to clean.  Leather coatings are available for seats as well.

  • ATVs and other toys are more than welcome here for cleaning, conditioning and ceramic coatings as well!

  • Examples:  Black Harley  /  Harley Duo  /  Vexus DVX22 boat  /  Ghost Flamed Harley  /  HoverJet  /  blue RZR  /  Honda Shadow  /  New Holland Tractor  /  Snowmobile Trailer  /  '07 StreetGlide  /  

  • ** Estimated time: 7+ hours **

  • standard rate: $350 for motorcycles

  • starting at $400 for ATVs

  • starting at $100 for added Ceramic Coatings

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