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  • While we don't do a lot of basic cleaning on boats and pontoons, we do offer much more extensive polishing and protection options than you'll find anywhere else in the area!  Gelcoat finishes are very susceptible to oxidation, and having the knowledge and experience to bring it back to life is paramount.  UV rays, mineral deposits, hard water and mildew can wreak havoc on your boats and pontoons, and restoring them and getting them back to new again will be so satisfying when you're ready to take your vessel back onto the water again!   

  • Detailing on all marine vessels are always cleaned and conditioned with eco-friendly, biodegradable products.  Extend the life, cleanliness and ease of maintenance of your boat with marine-grade coatings!  Interior coatings are available as well for upholstery, vinyl seating, carpeting, and more! 

  • Examples:  Vexus DVX22 boat  /  Ranger 1850  /  Bennington Pontoon  /  HoverJet  /  Pontoon Tubes  /

  • ** Estimated time: 1+ Days **

  • Detailing starting at $500 for Boats & Pontoons

  • Polishing starting at $500 for Boats & Pontoons

  • Coatings starting at $1000 for Marine/Gelcoat Coatings

  • *each project is unique and in-person evaluation is always recommended*

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