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A premium, truly professional deep-cleaning & conditioning like no other.  Most shops rush their work with cheap products, but you'll find the exact opposite here.  Every inch of your interior from headliner to underneath seats is meticulously cleaned, steamed and conditioned, with high-end, premium, all-natural & eco-friendly products.

6-8 hours

*Standard Rate*:

$300 for cars, trucks, small SUV's

$350-$400 for vans & 3rd row SUV's


  • Leather Coatings

  • Fabric Protection
  • Odor Removal


     When you bring your vehicle to most shops, especially dealerships, they're going to charge you X amount, and their detailers are only allowed a certain amount of time to complete your interior detail. I know of at least 2 dealerships locally that charge $200+, and only give their detailers 3 or 4 hours to complete your interior from start to finish.. by those rates, my interior detailing should cost $500+ dollars! My interior detailing is not limited by time - only by the higher-level of quality I set forth with every vehicle to enter my shop. Not to mention the products most dealerships are using are the cheapest they can get, and most certainly aren't the best quality, or the safest. I've spent a lot of time and money testing over the last few years to find the very best products to use, and nearly all I've settled on are all-natural, biodegradable, made in the USA, are environmentally friendly, and are even compliant with California's strict chemical laws! Additionally I do the majority of my cleaning with nothing but steam, I've done extensive and obsessive research on how and why to clean every aspect of your vehicle, and don't even get me started on how wrong most other shops detail the exterior of your vehicle! Anyways, back to product quality - my new premium conditioners have UV protection, no VOC's, and even use essential oils. I don't skimp on products and I don't base my purchases on sales reps or brand names - I buy and use what works best! I know for a fact my dash conditioner and leather conditioners alone costs 4-8+ times more than what the dealerships are using.. So why do I spend that much more?! Because I genuinely want what's best for your vehicle, and what's safest for you, me and our planet. So when you see my pricing, consider the fact that I'm spending twice the amount of time as other shops and using much higher quality products. And I believe the results I put forward are worth the small extra cost vs other local options. The saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t really apply with my shop and services..  Because you’re getting so much more than what you’re paying for vs other options!

In Depth


  • For weekend drivers or previously well maintained vehicles with minimal dirt and little to no stains, looking for a light cleaning to all surfaces, and a deep conditioning with UV protection to all plastics, rubber, leather and vinyl.  Please note this service is not to be confused with a quick cleaning on a dirty vehicle, & most vehicles will not qualify under this option!

  • ** Estimated time involved 3-4 hours **

  • $150 - $250 for all vehicles


  • Recommended for vehicles that haven't been cleaned in a while and/or daily drivers & family vehicles that have (understandably) become neglected over time from our busy schedules and lives.

  • An eco-friendly cleaning and conditioning unlike any other.  Includes every inch of your interior, from headliner to underneath seats to dirty door jambs.  Only safe, high quality and VOC FREE products are used here, especially on the interior!

  • Examples:  BMW  /  Ram Diesel  /  Honda  /  Corolla  /  Explorer  /  GMC Sierra  /  ML350  /  Durango  /  F-150

  • ** Estimated time 6-9 hours **

  • standard rate: $300 for cars, trucks & compact SUV’s

  • standard rate: $350 - $400 for vans & 3rd row SUV's

** excessive stainsdirt & pet hair may be subject to additional charges **

  • Add $50 - $100 (varies by vehicle size) to any Interior Reconditioning for a Hand-Wash & Shine on the exterior.  

* combined with LEVEL 1 Enhancement Polish:

  • starting at $600 : small vehicle    

  • starting at $650 : midsize vehicle    

  • starting at $700 : large vehicle    

  • ** Estimated time 1.5 - 2+ days **

* combined with LEVEL 2 Rejuvenation Polish:

  • $900 - $1200+

  • pricing varies by size and vehicle condition

  • ** Estimated time 3+ days **



  • The average American spends over 600 hours a year in their vehicle.  The chances of spills and staining is almost inevitable, and protecting your interior will make it that much easier to clean, which will keep the vehicle's value at a higher level than most.  Consider what protecting your interior can do for you and your vehicle..

  • Starting at $50 for Fabric Protection

  • Starting at $100 for Leather Coatings

Inteior Protection

     All interior detailing here involves steam cleaning as much as possible to avoid unnecessary chemicals used.  I use steam on nearly every interior surface there is, because it not only cleans better, it's also much safer and kills bacteria.   Between and under the seats as well as cracks, crevices, vents, headliners & visors, door jambs and weatherstripping are all tended to.  Plastics, leather, rubber & vinyl are all nourished, conditioned and treated with superior UV protection to resist not only fading, but dust and future staining.  Whenever chemicals ARE required on carpet and upholstery, they are neutralized afterward so they can't become activated again from moisture or water.  Like everything else here, only the highest quality products are used on every aspect of the vehicle.  Interior offerings are separated into 2 simple categories:


     The REFRESH service is for light cleaning of all surfaces and a deep conditioning of leather, vinyl, plastics etc. with added UV protection.  Make no mistake, even the refresh package involves every aspect of your interior including between and under the seats, headliner, windows, etc.  Just keep in mind, the Refresh Package can only be completed on cleaner and more well maintained vehicles.


     The RECONDITIONING service is where most vehicles will fall into, especially daily drivers, as there is further need for greater attention to cleaning involved.  Includes a heavier dose of vacuuming and blowing out all debris, deep steam cleaning is completed on all surfaces and shampooing is used when necessary on stubborn stains.  Pet hair, sticky residue, headliner marks, etc are all dealt with and every effort is made to bring your vehicle back to new, or as close as it can get..  Once all surfaces have been meticulously cleaned, only then will they be reconditioned with nourishing UV protection and streak-free clarity will be brought to your glass.

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