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     If you’re simply shopping for the cheapest price, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Nearly every shop claims to perform high-quality work with high-quality products, but very few truly do.  A 3-hour “complete detail” is NOT quality, and you won't find that here..  I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work I do, and if you’ve seen my work before, I believe it speaks for itself.  Paint correction in particular can be a very long, patient and labor intensive process.  True show car finishes by the top professionals in the world can easily have more than 100 hours involved.  The paint correction completed here is high-level craftsmanship that very few offer, and even fewer can achieve.  I have spent countless hours fixing other so-called "detailer's" work, as well as fixing body shop repaints and sanding marks.  This shop isn't just about taking the time to do things right, it's about using the absolute best products that benefit your vehicle and its longevity to the fullest.  So please take note of the estimated time that's put into each service, as well as cost for premium products, before considering the price.  I encourage anyone to stop in any time for a free evaluation of your vehicle’s condition, especially the paintwork, and a deeper explanation of the realistic results that you can expect from the different services available.

click here to read, Why I don't Offer A "Complete Detail"

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