Scroll down past Packages for further and more in-depth information on what is involved with each and every exterior detail..

** EVERY exterior service begins and ends with ALL of the following: **

  • Presoak snow-foam bath to carry loose dirt away from the surface

  • Deep scrubbing of wheel face & inner barrel, tires and wheel wells/arches

  • Door jambs degreased, scrubbed, cleaned and rinsed

  • Fallout/iron surface decontamination as well as bug, tar and/or road grime removal as needed with high pressure rinse

  • Proper 2-bucket wash/rinse contact wash with only the highest quality microfiber wash mitts to minimize any chances of swirl marks

  • 2nd decontamination process with clay bar to remove bonded/embedded contaminants as needed - necessary for any polishing later to prevent particles getting into polishing pads

  • Vehicle is thoroughly dried with high quality microfiber towels and compressed air to minimize surface contact

** package steps are completed at this stage, and followed by: **

  • Deep restoring, nourishing & conditioning of all exterior plastics and trim with UV protection to resist fading

  • Chrome/metals polished, wheel wells shined

  • Sealant applied to wheels for added protection and water resistance

  • Tires nourished and conditioned with UV protection - tires will be dry to the touch / I don't use greasy inferior dressings that attract dirt - customer’s choice of deep satin look or high gloss-wet finish shine

  • Glass given a final cleaning for a streak-free crystal clear view

  • All packages, even the entry level Enhancement Package, offer up to several months of sealant &/or silica hybrid paint protection

*estimated times include all steps mentioned above*

*estimated times vary greatly due to the size of the vehicle & its prior condition*

*please note that the great state of Minnesota considers detailing a luxury, and therefore labor is taxed - estimated prices do not include tax*



All interior detailing here involves steam cleaning as much as possible to avoid unnecessary chemicals used.  I use steam on nearly every interior surface there is, because it not only cleans better, but it's safer and kills bacteria.   Between and under the seats as well as cracks, crevices, vents, headliners & visors, door jambs and weatherstripping are all tended to.  Plastics, leather, rubber & vinyl are all nourished, conditioned and treated with superior UV protection to resist not only fading, but dust and future staining.  Whenever chemicals ARE required on carpet and upholstery, they are neutralized afterward so they can't become activated again from moisture or water.  Like everything else here, only the highest quality products are used on every aspect of the vehicle.  Interior offerings are separated into 2 simple categories:

The REFRESH PACKAGE is for light cleaning of all surfaces and a deep conditioning of leather, vinyl, plastics etc. with added UV protection.  Make no mistake, even the refresh package involves every aspect of your interior including between and under the seats, headliner, windows, etc.  Just keep in mind, the Refresh Package can only be completed on cleaner and more well maintained vehicles.

The RECONDITION PACKAGE is where most vehicles will fall into, especially daily drivers, as there is further need for greater attention to cleaning involved.  Includes a heavier dose of vacuuming and blowing out all debris, deep steam cleaning is completed on all surfaces and shampooing is used when necessary on stubborn stains.  Pet hair, sticky residue, headliner marks, etc are all dealt with and every effort is made to bring your vehicle back to new, or as close as it can get..  Once all surfaces have been dealt with, only then will they be reconditioned with nourishing UV protection and clarity will be brought to your glass.





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