Exterior & Paint Correction


Decon wash
& Protect

Clear coat is porous, and brake dust, industrial fallout and other contaminants will easily bond to an unprotected paint surface.  This is no ordinary wash, and is the starting point for all my paint correction work.  Chemical iron removal, scratch-free washing, clay bar contaminant removal, topped with higher levels of protection vs anywhere else!

4 hours estimated time

$150 - $200

(small - large vehicle)

Exterior Add-ons

  • Isolated Scratch Removal

  • Paintless Dent Repair courtesy of Trent Melbye PDR

  • Glass/Windshield Coatings

  • Tire Coatings

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Trim Restoration

  • Engine Bay Detailing

  • "Wheels Off" detailing and protection

  • Undercoating exposed frame/fender wells

  • Emblem Debadging

interior Detailing & packages




A premium, truly professional deep-cleaning & conditioning like no other.  Most shops rush their work with cheap products, but you'll find the exact opposite here.  Every inch of your interior from headliner to underneath seats is meticulously cleaned, steamed and conditioned, with high-end, premium, all-natural & eco-friendly products.

6-9 hours

$240 for cars, trucks, small SUV's

$300 for vans & 3rd row SUV's

interior Add-ons

  • Fabric Protection

  • Leather Coatings

  • Odor Removal

SERVICES in-depth

     If you’re simply shopping for the cheapest price, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Nearly every shop claims to perform high-quality work with high-quality products, but very few truly do.  A 3-hour “complete detail” is NOT quality, and you won't find that here..  I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work I do, and if you’ve seen my work before, I believe it speaks for itself.  Paint correction in particular can be a very long, patient and labor intensive process.  True show car finishes by the top professionals in the world can easily have more than 100 hours involved.  The paint correction completed here is high-level craftsmanship that very few offer, and even fewer can achieve.  I have spent countless hours fixing other so-called "detailer's" work, as well as fixing body shop repaints and sanding marks.  This shop isn't just about taking the time to do things right, it's about using the absolute best products that benefit your vehicle and its longevity to the fullest.  So please take note of the estimated time that's put into each service, as well as cost for premium products, before considering the price.  I encourage anyone to stop in any time for a free evaluation of your vehicle’s condition, especially the paintwork, and a deeper explanation of the results that you can expect from the different levels of packages available.

click here to read, Why I don't Offer A "Complete Detail"


EXTERIOR/Paint Correction


Scroll down past Packages for further and more in-depth information on what is involved with each and every exterior detail.  Click Here For an even further in-depth look into my wash process..

Decon wash & protect

  • Pre-soak foam bath, chemical iron decontamination/fallout removal, bug removal, wheels and tires deep-cleaned, scratch-free hand wash, followed by a clay bar to remove embedded surface contamination, dried with compressed air and high-quality microfiber, and protected and shielded in a ceramic SiO2-infused sealant for up to 6 months!

  • This is actually what my original "Level 1" exterior service was when I first opened years ago, and I wanted to bring it back as additional service for those not seeking polishing, but still looking for a meticulous deep cleaning, paint exfoliation and upgraded protection!   Your paint will feel silky smooth and slicker than ever!  A decontamination wash is recommended 1-2 times per year.

  • ** Estimated time involved is 4 hours **

  • $150-$200 for small-large vehicles


  • Recommended for newer cars or previously well maintained vehicles, or for those simply looking for an entry-level polish with exterior protection to all paint, glass and trim, with an increase in gloss, depth & shine.  Also great for those looking to sell or trade-in their vehicle and wanting to get more value for it!

  • EVERY exterior package begins with the most in-depth and advanced wash process your vehicle has ever experienced - my wash process alone can take 2-3 hours.  After a deep cleaning and exfoliation of the paint, the paintwork will receive an all-in-one Ceramic-infused polishing to remove light defects and fading, and enhance clarity, gloss and shine.  After tire and trim conditioning, the glass and wheels are well-protected in a ceramic sealant, while the paint protection can last up to 12 months!

  • Examples:  300C SRT8  /  Wrangler  /  MTK  /  Caddy XT6  /  Grand Cherokee  /  Charger Daytona  /

  • ** Estimated time: 5-8 hours **

  • $250 for cars and compact SUVs

  • $300 for midsize vehicles

  • $350 for trucks and large SUVs


  • A great option for daily driver vehicles (or any vehicle) looking to bring that shine back without the need for perfection.  Also recommended for faded and oxidized paintwork.  While results are paint dependent, a minimum of 75% defect removal can be expected.    

  • Consist of a 2-step, cutting compound & finishing polish, that boosts depth & gloss, removes light & moderate defects, while removing or minimizing heavier defects, making the remaining ones far less noticeable.  Paint is then stripped of any oils, dust and residue before applying a ceramic primer, followed by ceramic-infused sealants and/or waxes for added durability and protection for up to 12 months!

  • Examples:  Silverado  /  Ram 2500 HD  /  Equinox  /  Red Z28  /  BMW  /  Porsche  /  Challenger  /  Tahoe Hood

  • ** Estimated time: 12-17 hours **

  • $550 for cars and compact SUV’s

  • $650 for midsize vehicles

  • $750 for trucks and larger SUV’s


  • Also known as the "Perfection Level".  Where Level 1 and Level 2 are restricted by a time-table, Level 3 is not restricted by a set time and is paint-condition specific.  Recommended for either severely neglected paint work with excess swirl marks and deeper scratches, or for those seeking a true show-car, flawless finish.  Recommended for vehicles that haven't been polished in years or are chasing perfection / looking to have it brought back to new, or as close to new as it can get. 

  • A multi-stage correction where wet-sanding, compounding & polishing are all completed in separate steps as needed.  Touch-up paint is applied where needed.  Same protection as Level 2, or upgrade to the ultimate ceramic coating  protection!

  • Engine bay detail included at no extra charge

  • Examples:  Thunderbird  /  Denali HD  /  Camaro SS  /  XK-R  /  '95 Camaro  /  Black Sierra Doors  /  Prowler Results

  • ** Estimated time: 20-40+ hours **

  • Starting at $800 for all vehicles

*Ceramic & Graphene Coatings*

  • I am very proud to offer "Professional Only" coatings as a Certified, Authorized Installer with 5 different companies, including System X, IGL Coatings, Surface Protective Solutions and more!  Coatings are a far superior solution to protecting your vehicle vs waxes, sealants & even "dealer protection" as well.  Lasting anywhere from 10-20+ times longer than a traditional wax, their superior UV protection, chemical resistance, hydrophobic & self-cleaning properties, as well as incredible gloss and shine can last for years when properly maintained.  Think non-stick pan vs regular pan, and how much easier they are to clean!

  • Application and time invested REQUIRES a customized paint correction to the customer's wants/needs.  Preparation is everything when it comes to a ceramic coating application.  If not applied properly it needs to be machine polished off to remove.  Annual or bi-annual maintenance is highly recommended to get the most out of your coating.  Time, price and polishing process vary greatly due to vehicle size and paint condition.  Estimates only given in person.

  • Examples:  GT-R  /  C8 Stingray  /  SEMA F350  /  Duramax  /  Jaguar  /  Challenger  /  Camaro SS  /  Denali 3500HD  /  Denali 2500HD

  • ** Estimated time is 1-5 days + 24 hours cure time out of the elements **

  • 1-10+ year coatings available

  • visit the COATINGS page for pricing, options & additional information.

classic Restoration/preservation

  • Single-stage paint, older clear-coated paint, or even newly restored paint finishes often require a different level of attention.  Orange peel texture may need to be sanded and leveled down, faded paint may need to be brought back to life again, or sanding marks from body shops may need attention as well.  Paint thickness measurements are taken very frequently, and in multiple places per panel to ensure safe levels of paintwork still remain.  It's not just about restoring the paintwork, but preserving as much of the original paint as possible.

  • Each vehicle and situation is unique, and requires in-person evaluation.  If its not too far I can certainly come to you to take a look, as I have done before for previous customers.  From there we can determine the best route to bring out the very best results for your classic car!

** EVERY exterior service begins and ends with ALL of the following: **

  • Presoak snow-foam bath to carry loose dirt away from the surface

  • Deep scrubbing of wheel face & inner barrel, tires and wheel wells/arches

  • Door jambs degreased, scrubbed, cleaned and rinsed

  • Fallout/iron surface decontamination performed as well as bug, tar and/or road grime removal as needed with high pressure rinse

  • Proper 2-bucket wash/rinse contact wash with only the highest quality microfiber wash mitts to minimize any chances of swirl marks

  • 2nd decontamination process with clay bar to remove bonded/embedded contaminants as needed - necessary for any polishing later to prevent particles getting into polishing pads

  • Vehicle is thoroughly dried with high quality microfiber towels and compressed air to minimize surface contact

** Polishing steps are completed at this stage, and followed by: **

  • Deep restoring, nourishing & conditioning of all exterior plastics and trim with UV protection to resist fading

  • Chrome/metals polished, wheel wells shined

  • Sealant applied to wheels for added protection and water resistance

  • Tires nourished and conditioned with UV protection - tires will be dry to the touch / I don't use greasy inferior dressings that attract dirt - customer’s choice of deep satin look or high gloss-wet finish shine

  • Glass given a final cleaning for a streak-free crystal clear view, then protected with silica/ceramic sealants

*estimated times include all steps mentioned above*

*estimated times vary greatly due to the size of the vehicle & its prior condition*

*please note that the great state of Minnesota considers detailing a luxury, and therefore labor is taxed - estimated prices do not include tax*


INTERIOR Detailing


     When you bring your vehicle to most shops, especially dealerships, they're going to charge you X amount, and their detailers are only allowed a certain amount of time to complete your interior detail. I know of at least 2 dealerships locally that charge $200, and only give their detailers 3 or 4 hours to complete your interior from start to finish.. by those rates, my interior detailing should cost $400-$500 dollars! My interior detailing is not limited by time - only by the higher-level of quality I set forth with every vehicle to enter my shop. Not to mention the products most dealerships are using are budget friendly, and most certainly aren't the best quality, or the safest. I've spent a lot of time and money testing over the last few years to find the very best products to use, and nearly all I've settled on are all-natural, biodegradable, made in the USA, are environmentally friendly, and are even compliant with California's strict chemical laws! Additionally I do the majority of my cleaning with nothing but steam, I've done extensive and obsessive research on how and why to clean every aspect of your vehicle, and don't even get me started on how wrong most other shops detail the exterior of your vehicle! Anyways, back to product quality - my new premium conditioners have UV protection, no VOC's, and even use essential oils. I don't skimp on products and I don't base my purchases on sales reps or brand names - I buy and use what works best! I know for a fact my dash conditioner and leather conditioners alone costs 4-8+ times more than what the dealerships are using.. So why do I spend that much more?! Because I genuinely want what's best for your vehicle, and what's safest for you, me and our planet. So when you see my pricing, consider the fact that I'm spending twice the amount of time as other shops and using much higher quality products. And I believe the results I put forward are worth the small extra cost vs other local options. The saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t really apply with my shop and services.. Because you’re getting so much more than what you’re paying for vs other options!


  • For weekend drivers or previously well maintained vehicles with minimal dirt and little to no stains, looking for a light cleaning to all surfaces, and a deep conditioning with UV protection to all plastics, rubber, leather and vinyl.  Please note this package is not to be confused with a quick cleaning on a dirty vehicle!

  • ** Estimated time involved 4 hours **

  • $160 for all vehicles


  • Recommended for vehicles that haven't been cleaned in a while and/or daily drivers & family vehicles that have (understandably) become neglected over time from our busy schedules and lives.

  • An eco-friendly cleaning and conditioning like none other.  Includes every inch of your interior, from headliner to underneath seats to dirty door jambs.  Only safe, high quality and VOC FREE products are used here, especially on the interior!

  • Examples:  BMW  /  Ram Diesel  /  Honda  /  Explorer  /  GMC Sierra  /  ML350  /  Durango  /  F-150

  • ** Estimated time 6-9 hours **

  • $240 for cars, trucks and compact SUV’s

  • $300 for vans and SUV's with 3rd-row

**excessive stainsdirt & pet hair may be subject to additional charges**

  • Add $60 to any Interior Reconditioning for a Hand-Wash & Shine for the exterior.  

**Save up to $60 off any Interior Reconditioning when combined with polishing!**

* Pricing with LEVEL 1 Enhancement Polish:

  • Small Vehicle:  $450    :  SAVE $40!

  • Midsize Vehicle: $500  :  SAVE $40! 

  • Large Vehicle: $550     :  SAVE $40!

  • Large 3rd Row SUV: $600  :  SAVE $50!

* Pricing with LEVEL 2 Rejuvenation Polish:

  • Small Vehicle:  $750    :  SAVE $40!

  • Midsize Vehicle: $850  :  SAVE $40!

  • Large Vehicle: $950     :  SAVE $40!

  • Large 3rd Row SUV: $990  :  SAVE $60!

Interior Reconditionings are also discounted when combined with a Level 3, Restoration or Ceramic Coating package, but pricing varies greatly due to paint condition.

     All interior detailing here involves steam cleaning as much as possible to avoid unnecessary chemicals used.  I use steam on nearly every interior surface there is, because it not only cleans better, it's also much safer and kills bacteria.   Between and under the seats as well as cracks, crevices, vents, headliners & visors, door jambs and weatherstripping are all tended to.  Plastics, leather, rubber & vinyl are all nourished, conditioned and treated with superior UV protection to resist not only fading, but dust and future staining.  Whenever chemicals ARE required on carpet and upholstery, they are neutralized afterward so they can't become activated again from moisture or water.  Like everything else here, only the highest quality products are used on every aspect of the vehicle.  Interior offerings are separated into 2 simple categories:


     The REFRESH PACKAGE is for light cleaning of all surfaces and a deep conditioning of leather, vinyl, plastics etc. with added UV protection.  Make no mistake, even the refresh package involves every aspect of your interior including between and under the seats, headliner, windows, etc.  Just keep in mind, the Refresh Package can only be completed on cleaner and more well maintained vehicles.


     The RECONDITIONING PACKAGE is where most vehicles will fall into, especially daily drivers, as there is further need for greater attention to cleaning involved.  Includes a heavier dose of vacuuming and blowing out all debris, deep steam cleaning is completed on all surfaces and shampooing is used when necessary on stubborn stains.  Pet hair, sticky residue, headliner marks, etc are all dealt with and every effort is made to bring your vehicle back to new, or as close as it can get..  Once all surfaces have been dealt with, only then will they be reconditioned with nourishing UV protection and streak-free clarity will be brought to your glass.


  • The average American spends over 600 hours a year in their vehicle.  The chances of spills and staining is almost inevitable, and protecting your interior will make it that much easier to clean, which will keep the vehicle's value at a higher level than most.  Consider what protecting your interior can do for you and your vehicle..

  • Starting at $50 for Fabric Protection

  • Starting at $100 for Leather Coatings



Motorcycle detailing

  • Degreasing and cleaning of all components.  Leather cleaned & conditioned, metal polished, and tank and painted surfaces meticulously polished by machine and hand, and protected in hydrophobic silica sealants or an optional ceramic coating for additional charges

  • * Estimated time involved 8+ hours

  • Starting at $300