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The benefits of a

Ceramic Coating:

  • Protects your vehicle for up to several YEARS, or longer!

  • semi-permanent sacrificial layer chemically bonded to the paint

  • Enhances appearance with unmatched gloss retention lasting years

  • Protects from UV damage, fading and oxidation

  • Drastically exceeds any dealer protection 

  • Eliminates the need for waxing or sealants, with easy maintenance

  • Harder than your factory clear coat - less prone to light scratches

  • 70% reduction in contamination adherence (salt, bugs, brake dust)

  • Ultra-hydrophobic surface - significantly easier to wash, clean & dry

  • 10X more effective in combating harsh weather & foreign elements

  • Incredible, deep glass-like shine for years

  • Maintains a higher resale value of your vehicle

Current COating Options


1+ year

CarPro Sic
Silicon Carbide Coating

The latest coating from CarPro, this Silicon Carbide coating produces mesmerizing gloss, increased slickness, and protection lasting well over a year, with up to 2 years on a properly maintained vehicle.

$300 + Paint Correction​​

3 years

IGL Quartz+

Graphene Reinforced

Professional 2-layer hybrid coating system, 9H Hardness, 90% active content, Low-VOC coating, and 110-degree water contact angle.  Glass-like shine, with the highest gloss.  3+ years durability on a daily driver with proper maintenance.

$750 + Paint Correction​​


5 years

IGL kenzo

Graphene Reinforced

IGL's flagship signature coating.  Professional 2-layer hybrid system, Low VOC coating,10H Hardness, 100% active content, & 120-degree water contact angle.  Silky smooth, deep show-car shine, & the industry's most impressive water beading.

$1000 + Paint Correction​​


7 years

Carbon Collective

Self-Healing Coating

Ultra hydrophobic, professional 2-layer coating with diamond-infused SELF-HEALING top layer.  110-degree water contact angle.  Minor swirls and micro marring will self-heal & permanently disappear in sunlight and temperatures above 80-degrees.

$1400 + Paint Correction​​


System X Ceramic Coatings add increased value and credibility by registering your coating installation with CARFAX (a feature almost no other coating company offers).  Furthermore, this USA based company formulates all their products in-house in Connecticut, while offering incredible durability, slickness, gloss & chemical resistance, and with faster bonding and cure times than traditional coatings.


3 years

Crystal SS
Carfax Registered

Crystal is great at adding a deep, glossy layer of protection at a lower price point. This hard self-cleaning coating eliminates the need to re-wax or seal every few months.  Registers on your Carfax Report like all System X coatings.  Excellent durability in any environment.

$800 + Paint Correction​​

6 years

System x PRO
Carfax Registered

High gloss, ultra hydrophobic self-cleaning coating, lasting up to 6 years or more with proper maintenance.  Pro™ has passed rigorous Boeing approval testing and has been evaluated for hardness as well as alkali and salt resistance by SGS laboratory.

$1200 + Paint Correction​​


10+ years

System X max
Carfax Registered

Up to FOUR times thicker than traditional coatings, TWO times stronger, and TWO times more durable than previous coatings!  This highly advanced coating is still super slick and extremely glossy. Great for trucks, Powersports, and more!

$1500 + Paint Correction​​

* Please note that these are simplified lists, as I have access to many more professional-only coatings, as well as proven consumer-grade coatings as well!  I also have coatings for matte paint finishes, vinyl wrapped cars, motorcycles, boats and more! *

*3+ year coatings come with a free complimentary high-quality microfiber wash mitt and drying towel! *

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- Additional Coatings -

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- Ceramic Coating Maintenance -

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*Do not wash your vehicle for the first 7 days*

While the initial cure time for coatings is 12-24 hours, they will not be fully 100% cured for another 1-3 weeks.  During the first week the vehicle and coating will still be vulnerable.  Chemicals of any kind should be avoided, and try not to get it wet (though its not too big of a deal if it does).  Remove contaminants as soon as possible with water.


For anyone who has had a coating applied, or for anyone who is interested, be sure to check out the MAINTAIN page for how to properly wash, dry & care for your coating, product recommendations, and getting the most out of your investment!